Shaping/Trim Your Eyebrows

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Now, I’m never good at it, but I try to trim it as much as possible. But lately, I forgot about them and when I looked closely at the mirror last night, I worried a little bit because it grew so much. The last time I had it thread was like a year ago. And ever since that, I routinely pluck and kept them the way it was threaded and shaped until.. well.. just like I said, I forgot to for a whole month. Good thing there are a couple…read more


The Smell Of Pear

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So my order from HalloHalloMall arrived weeks ago. :] I blogged about it on my main blog (check it out if you want to order from HalloHalloMall). Anyway, I love the smell of Victoria’s Secret Pear Glace. It’s something I can connect back in High School. Though I really don’t like HS a lot, I still love the scent. I’m not sure if the one I bought is Class A or not, but that’s alright since I didn’t pay big amount for it. What I really want is this Coconut…read more


Just Listen

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If there’s one book or entire series that I would want to hear as an audio book, it would be the Harry Potter series. As you know, it’s my favorite of all books that I’ve read. I may have a favorites shelf on Goodreads, but these books are my childhood. Ask any Harry Potter fan, the books are their childhood and will always be. Anyway, I’m just glad that I found a website where I can download audio books for free! The only thing I have to do is to…read more


Real Life Shrek and Fiona!

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I recently blogged about my love for Shrek movies (yes, I’m a kid at heart person), and now, I’d like to share here a photo of the REAL LIFE COUPLE of Shrek and Fiona! Yay! I thought they were doing this for cosplay, but then it’s a wedding theme! Wow. According to the article where I found the photo, it took them approximately 3 hours to apply the makeup and costumes. Of course, a wedding is not complete without your guests, and believe it or not, the wedding guests were…read more


Online Shopping: Spend Less

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Oh I love coupons. They make my shopping much easier. I mean, who doesn’t want a 50% discount or 70% on your favorite items? What I love most in this generation is the fact that we can now find coupons online. Just print it and then present it! That easy. Or if you’re shopping online, which is by the way, what most people do nowadays to save time, just enter the Promo Codes and you’re good to go. If you’re lucky enough, you might even get a nice deal or…read more


For Food Cart Business Owners

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I love how most of the grocery stores here have installed different food carts available. I mean, people who are tired from grocery shopping can eat and rest after. That’s what we do whenever we’re in Shopwise doing grocery shopping. I’m just glad they’re invented. Anyway, if you’re into this food cart business and looking for a customized food carts for sale, I suggest visiting foodcartandkiosks online. You can either choose a pre-made food cart or have it customized. The unique looking food cart, the better you attract potential customers….read more